Akashic Zephyr

Is the process and development of my creative career and life.
As an Illustrator I work on many areas from Narrative Illustration to Animation to Book Binding; as a Story teller I can come up with a story and visualise it’s world in a short span of time so basing it on a format and giving it a form is my passion.
I hope this blog is a helpful documentation of of how an illustrator grows and ingratiates into the industry.

Kelvin Lee (Akashic Zephyr)

Self Portrait

A Chinese male who resides with the British.
His main characteristics isn’t talent, but the strive to learn and to apply. There came a day when he was inspired, influenced and now aspires to be an artist; the main outlet were Narratives.

“We are all inspired the same way. Our passions, our drive, our pursuit, how ever you’d like to word it; we were all inspired by stories.
At one point in our life, we witnessed something which made us say “I want to do that”, no matter how we took in the information, it will be in the form of a story and thus in turn begins our own story of pursuit.”

But the young lad he was, being an artist wasn’t enough, he wanted to write stories as well. Soon it was clear, there was no conflict between being a Writer or an Artist; Become both: A Storyteller.

“I tell stories, that’s what I do.
Drawing is my forte, Writing provides the detail.
I am an Illustrator by trade but forever a Storyteller.”

After high school, he made his own choice to study BTEC Art and Design at college as opposed to A-Levels which his parents wished for him to do. After making a reasoned argument, the step to being an artist has never felt closer.
After college, he made it into a Visual Communications course, he was conflicted between Illustration and Graphic Design but the route was clear, Illustration suited his work much more.

His work consists of 2 styles:
Noir Stylised Characters and Cel-shaded characters in a Digitally Painted World
Both Analogue and Digital methods are utilized, the analogue method is the primary style of choice.


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    • Hi there, thanks a lot! Its great to know that there’s some people interested in my work; in turn those people are interesting themself!

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