Another One-Off Illustration, and a rather intriguing thought process comes with this one.
This illustration started off as a simple sketch at the office, eventually it manifested into something much more promising. Admittedly, this piece was constantly being worked on and off; thankfully due to my Don’t Break the Chain Routine, I decided to dedicate some time to finally finishing it.

The initial figure was set and pretty much done, I think it was inspired by watching Tokyo Ghoul, specifically the character Eto, it’s strange I usually find the most bizarre characters interesting, probably because there’s so much personality to them which entices me to draw them more.

Now that I’ve got a focal element, next is the background; the more hesitant part to draw of the piece. I do kind of have an idea but mostly in a perspective I’ve never drawn in and somewhat difficult to visualise.
After many days of figuring things out and inevitably putting it off, I found a plausible solution: Build a basic structure 3DS Max.

I knew that some good would come to learning 3DS Max, this is a great opportunity to test out if I can use 3DS Max as a reference tool; who would of guessed that a simple 15 minute basic line work on AutoCAD then imported into 3DS Max for extruding and minor detail building would help so much.

Day 26

Day 26

The overall semiotics of the piece came about naturally as the piece came together:
depicting our daily choices in life, whether it’s something as trivial as what to watch at the cinema (Film strip pattern building), what route to take (2-point perspective) or something deeper like right or wrong (light and dark contrast); but regardless of what choices we make we must take action and go out to make them.


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