Don’t Break the Chain: Week 4

Week 4, as I do these I feel as if I am getting better at my craft.

Day 22: Memo 01/Ink – Only on day 22 and I started having a creative block, so I decided to have a play around with some media; it’s also a memo for a working project.

Day 23: #103 Sierra KS Gaither/Pencil – A more polished shading technique is used for this portrait.
At this point I figured I needed to add a bit of colour to this Don’t Break the Chain routine.

Day 24: #104 Richard Brookes/Coloured Pencil – A coloured pencil portrait using only red hued colours.
The portrait is of a person I personally know.

Day 25: #105 Jamie Kaiser/Biro – Minimal red biro shaded portrait.

Day 26: Choices/Ink – A big illustration, in short: This is a semiotic piece about choices, from the trivial to the philosophical. A variety of inking techniques has been used for this piece. More about this piece here [Link]

Day 27: Overcoming Boundaries/Watercolour Pencils – So far, every piece I’ve done is quite serious and based on stylistic people; I decided to draw something light hearted, mind you I don’t do this very often; I think I might be taking my craft a bit too seriously.
This is a playful piece about contrasting elements, but a wall keeps them apart so they don’t cancel out each other, but  no wall can stop them interacting, communicating and ultimately overcome the boundaries of being two different elements.

Day 28: Adult Remi/Pencil – My narrative Lucky You, is still in production, I’ve always I wanted to do a grown up version, so I decided that now is a good time to work on this concept while it’s still in my mind.


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