Don’t Break the Chain: Week 3

A tad late on updating but 3rd week and going strong:

Day 15: Skirt/Pencil – Some more practice sketches on elements I’m trying to better myself at, I’ve come to realise I’m not a massive fan of patterns or repetition within one section, probably have to work on that too.
This time I’m delving into drawing skirts especially pleated; creases in clothing always did baffle me, I understand all this talk about stress points but it’s still rather hit and miss.

Day 16: 100+ Thanks/Ink – Since I began this Don’t Break the Chain routine, I’ve been able to update my Facebook page everyday with one new drawing, I guess the audience count has started to pick up on it and I’ve managed to get 100+ likers. Doing the typical milestone thing where I post something in relation to the 100 milestone, I decided on being straight forward and inked a piece where a girl is taking an appreciation on some graffiti (not that I’ve done any myself).

Day 17: #100 Ishita Black/Pencil – due to the 100+ liker milestone I set myself a task of sketching out a portrait from Liker 100 to 125 and a personal short message as a thanks for taking an interest. I don’t expect any replies back but hey, thanks.
This portrait plays with light pencil shading.

Day 18: #101 Nick Alvarez/Pencil – Notice how I’m far better at drawing males than females.
This piece plays with varied tone shading with smudge blending.

Day 19: #102 Lyndsey Lowe/Pencil – At this point I noticed a problem, some people don’t show profile photos of themselves and some are vastly different from each other. I decided to go with my gut feeling and carry on.
This piece plays with hard cross-hatch shading with little to no transition between elements

Day 20: Napoleon Munchkin Cat/Ink – I felt 3 portraits week is pretty substantial so I can keep the work varied. I actually enjoy drawing fur which makes drawing animals quite fun, this here is probably my favourite breed of cat. It’s still ironic that as much as I like animals I’m quite allergic to them; so as much as I want to pet something, I don’t so that I can avoid a hospital trip.

Day 21:Arama/Pencil – I was starting feel like I was neglecting some of my existing narrative work so I took it upon myself to refresh and re-up some of these characters. One thing I’ve wanted to do is a complete character height scale illustration, perhaps I’ll do such a thing in the nearer future.
This is the main character of my sci-fi narrative Dystopia (working title), I still think there’s a little something off about the facial features but I’ll leave as it is for now and come back to it, probably have to make the clothing not so bland too.


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