Let You Bother Me

My first one-Off illustration in a long time and I felt that each time I make a big illustration I should clarify my workings and thought process on these. Originally this piece started off as part of my Don’t Break the Chain routine, but something had developed when I was half-mindedly drawing a female figure kneeling and looking up, listening to La Roux at the time (constantly) had me thinking about the song Cruel Sexuality, things like why is it a cruel sexuality? Is it a gender thing? Is it a theme of lust? Various ideas questions were spawning until the song changed to Zedd Feat. Hayley Williams’ Stay the Night, suddenly the ideas shifted towards masochistic behaviour and the lyrics “Am I a fool to let you bother me” and “Oh you keep me happy in my everyday life, why must you keep me in your prison at night?”. Now, I have the idea of a prison, longing and masochistic behaviour, these are the main elements to this illustration, and so I began sketching out the focal elements:

Now, I did have an internal conflict with myself whether or not to keep it tasteful, but I did draw a very good sketch of a female body in the nude so why draw over what’s already great? The male character is largely based on Dream from the Sandman series (it’s still current to me), plus the idea of Dream’s character is what’s most important so I thought it was better portrayed just basing the characteristics as well. And thus with all the elements in place we create a composition and let my magic work.

Let You Bother Me

Let You Bother Me

The piece I have constructed, at first glance illuminates a almost cry for help from the female figure trying to crawl out of a burning forest, the male figure almost looks down on her with a certain air of ignorance.
On closer inspection, the female figure is almost longing for some sort of sexual intent, her desires are so strong it emits a dark burning aura around her and thus surrounding her in constant darkness. The male figure is granting her desires by presenting himself, he emits a dominating presence that almost looks down on the female figure and picking her up like some play-thing.


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