Don’t Break the Chain: Week 2

Another week of non-stop illustrations no matter how big or small.
Let’s dive straight in:

Day 08: I’m Tired/Pencil – On this day I was incredibly tired, overtime at work can ruin anybodies set routine but this is a task I set myself so I had to draw something.

Day 09: Back & Arm/Pencil&Ink – It’s weird since starting this routine but I’ve kinda started to doubt my abilities as an illustrator to draw anatomy, turns out it was just me but it nice to reassure myself.

Day 10:Let You Trouble Me/Pencil – I’ve been listening to La Roux again but this time with a mix of Zedd, particularly La Roux’s Cruel Sexuality and Zedd Feat. Hayley Williams’ Stay the Night, it got me thinking: why is the (I’m assuming) girl in the song longing for such a complicated life that’s almost masochistic. Then Stay the Night came on and I started to blend that initial idea with this idea of a prison and the (assuming) girl wants someone to stay with her in said prison. My mind works in weird ways.

Day 11: Lady Death/Ink – At this point, I’ve read the whole Sandman series of comics by Neil Gaiman and hands down the most interesting character is Death. I think the dark tones of that series has made some influence on my work and you know, I’m fine with that, yeah…yeah!

Day 12: Let You Bother Me/Ink – Building upon and giving Day 10’s sketches a complete illustration form, this is when I decided to have a every now and again big illustration day. You can read more about this piece here [Link to Blog post]

Day 13:Clasped Hands/Pencil – I’m sure at some point every creative as wanted to draw clasped hands, I mean I do. They just look so visually interesting and something I do on a daily basis while waiting for 3D models to render.

Day 14: Clasped Hands 2 and Back/Pencil&Ink – I’ve tried once again to get familiar with drawing clasped hands, specifically the thinking pose, I’ve gotten a constructive comment from Facebook saying “Visualise steps”. Now, visualising the knuckles in this form as a literal step shape is not the way to go, however if you visualise the form as a whole as a curved set of side-stepping stairs then you’re on to a winner.
I’ve also decided to apply my anatomy skills on the back view and clasped hands with added clothes to see if it looked right, conclusion: it looks plausible but I may have drawn some manly arms on that female figure.


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