Don’t Break the Chain: Week 1

I have become more aware of my lack of presence very recently and I needed to find some way of creating daily content just so that I have something to keep this blog updated.
A few months back I heard of a motivation technique called “Don’t Break the Chain” (this method is used by Jerry Seinfeld so I’ve heard), essentially you pick a goal and you mark of the days everytime you do something towards it.
My goal is a bit arbitrary, I pretty much just want to draw everyday and establish a drawing routine on top of my work life; there’s no real end to this goal, but I guess I’ll know when to stop when it becomes second nature.

Initially, I wanted to start when I got a physical calender (more specifically an Adventure Time Calender) so I can track my progress, I never got one in the end and down the line I thought “Screw it, I need to make a start.”
And thus, I began on the 5th of March 2015, why? Because I can.
The format for these Don’t Break the Chain posts will be the sketches arranged in a gallery and a few words about them.

Day 01: Ryuko/Pencil -The first sketch to the project was done in the office, pretty much a day before we commenced our big project (it’s finny how life works like that). It’s a fan art of Ryuko from the anime Kill La Kill done in my style. Had to start somewhere.

Day 02: Corgi/Ink – Funny little things can inspire me to draw, I saw this silly woof woof (dog, more specifically a corgi) trying to stand on it’s hind legs; it wasn’t having much success but gosh darn wasn’t it happy.

Day 03: Project Umbra/Ink – Umbra Insidator (now just Umbra I guess) is the first narrative I felt had the most potential in all the narratives I’ve ever came up with during my time at University (did my bad trip with weed ironically spark creativity? n-…yes…). Back then I didn’t do it justice, it was really unrefined, so this time I’m going to start fresh and do it right.

Day 04: I drew this fan art of Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate quite a while back, but what left it forever as a sketch was it’s lack of colour. Until of course I came back from UK with my Prismacolors, now it’s complete.

Day 05: I started listening to La Roux again and gosh darn Elly Jackson is stylish, even she makes mohawks look cool (I mean, not saying that they were bad but I felt only a certain few people can pull that off and still look amazing). I suppose this is my tribute to mohawks being cool.

Day 06: At this point, I realised I have a lot of flaws. Like some things look really weird in certain angles and some limbs don’t make sense; due to this I’ve decided to dedicate a portion of this routine project to overcome my weaknesses (foreshortening and intersections). First up, the front view running pose; never looked right to me, even that I drew above isn’t really foreshortening than lengthening. Next we have the dynamic stance, something about the legs that always baffle me.

Day 07: More sketching out my weaknesses. Running wasn’t the best way to start so lets walk before we run. Now we have the front view bent knee, it’s usually the knee that defines a dynamic pose but they can make everything else look so alien when you put them in front.


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