Closing a Time Gap

It’s a very long time since I made a new post on this blog.
The time I made my last blog I believe I was deep into being Head of AutoCAD in the company I work for so you can imagine how incredibly busy I was. So much so infact that I didn’t have time to make any new illustrations or even draw. It was a pretty dark time as I gradually realised how long it has been since I’ve drawn anything.

The lack of drawing grew worse when I started a being part of the 3D Modelling team, I learnt a major amount and became a key player in my department but there’s a point when you think, “Am I actually doing what I want to do?” of course the whole point of me living here in Hong Kong in the first place is for work experience, something I felt I had to do to better myself; me being selfish for once.

That’s the main reason why I haven’t been making any posts lately, that all changed when I went back to UK for a visit at the start of February, I was happy during that 2 week time period.
I was really happy. All that time I left, all the struggles and let-downs I had during the first few months of being in Hong Kong and then all that time I was learning, working and saving; it was all worth it when I came back.
I don’t think I’ve had a more satisfying moment in my life.

Thank You for being patient with me.
This time I’m breaking my limits and pushing myself to juggle both work and my personal endeavours so I can be satisfied while I’m still here in Hong Kong.


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