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Illustration Friday – April ’14

It’s not often that I base illustrations from 3rd party suggestions, but there’s only so much my mind can come up with (especially since I’m focusing on finishing some narratives this year).
Since rediscovering Illustration Friday, I thought it might be a good chance to produce some one-off illustrations every week to keep my skills varied.
[Plug: Illustration Friday Blog]

Of course, I’m a bulk post type of person so I’ll be compiling each weekly illustration I complete or draft out at the end of the month (I’m a fairly slow worker so I may skip some weeks or draw out a draft and that will be that).

Based on the concept of surviving in the design industry; you’ll be hanging on to a bad position for a long time but as time continues to flow; you keep your feet firm and consistently keep trying you’ll eventually make it (hourglass metaphor).

Revolves around Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac. Known as the Serpent Bearer, but perhaps the idea that the 2 forces are equal in strength mean they are treated as equals. Doctors are able to harness the poison of snakes to help create an immunity; this isn’t a battle, it’s an understanding and neutralisation.

The idea of nature is not so different from life itself, made up of various elements to create an ecosystem that sustains itself. Depending on what elements it’s made up of defines it a certain kind of nature: Forest, Ocean, Swamp etc.
Strip it from it’s foundations and it’s just as naked as removing clothes; undefined.


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