WH Cover scanned

Weather Hero – Beginning: The Lovebird Metaphor

I’ve once again conceived a new narrative, but this time I’m trying to go for a more random and spontaneous approach.
There are 4 rules to this narrative:
1) The set media is ink on a rough sketchbook canvas
2) Each page is based on the weather I’m currently experiencing (this is so that if I do go back to UK, I won’t have to keep checking up on Hong Kong weather) hence the narrative’s name Weather Hero
3) If the weather is the same on consecutive days, the weather in the narrative will intensify
4) Very minimal use of words

So what is Weather Hero about?
There is a premise but once the setting is established every event from that point onwards will pretty much be random:
“Our hero receives a letter from his beloved informing him that her condition is worsening and doesn’t have long to live. She regrets not saying her farewells in person and to not seek her because it’ll be harder for him to let go. Despite this, our hero drops everything and journeys to see her.”

This is first the 4 pages that set the premise of the story, the next 4 pages will set the first scenario and every post will follow this format of 4 pages a scenario/part of a major event of this narrative.


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