Lucky You 06 tbn

Progress: Lucky You Pages 09 – 12

Ah, I missed a month.February was an awkward month for me in terms of work, I’ve been jumping from project to project as well as producing various other works to build various design portfolios and working on my 5 years old laptop doesn’t help so I never really had any completed pieces to write a post about.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep on schedule from now on and you should be able to see some design related work as opposed to just illustrations in the near future.

On topic, as I stated on my anniversary post, I’m dedicating this year to finishing some narratives I’ve started but yet to have finished (also to revamp a few so to speak). The process is relatively slow but excuses aside, I want to make sure everything is done right (but if I was to make a valid excuse: my laptop, can’t use the brush tool more than 30px in size before it starts lagging on you), I’ve gotten really good at storyboarding and drafting so I’ve got some idea of how things will turn out; the rest depends on how I execute these ideas and scraps of paper into pieces of work.
In all seriousness I’ve produced some work [Lucky You] which I haven’t touched just 1 month shy of a year, but this is a good thing because I’ve been getting some really good feedback on my work when I submitted it on Skillshare. If I hadn’t of posted my work on there, I wouldn’t of been able to make more rationalised narrative direction for Lucky You and I’m glad about that (there would of been 7 pages of unneeded filler otherwise).

Right, enough babble, here’s the next 2 pages of Lucky You.

I must say, almost a year of not producing any new pages, I’m pretty glad that I’m able to keep the style consistent.
Oh and before I forget, I’ve decided to opt for more ‘Deeper Dialogue’ style thumbnails as opposed to close ups and workspace screenshots.


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