2014 NY Thumbnail

2014 New Years Bandwagon

39 entries to this blog and still not quite the 1 year anniversary, but I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and draw up some kind of festive themed illustration.
I haven’t done too bad on this blog, almost 40 entries on the first year should be a fairly commendable effort for a somewhat bi-monthly blog but I’ll save this kind of talk till then; so for now, 2014.
Time sure does fly by and a year being out of University, I must say I’ve been a lot more productive than I’d imagine myself to be; probably because I am an illustrator. I suppose being a part of this creative area it kinda comes naturally.

Anyway, being that it’s 2 hours to New Years (on my side in Hong Kong anyway, still a whopping 10 hours back in the UK), I’ve gone and drew this illustration:
2014 NY

It’s interesting seeing how much I’ve improved in this one image compared to my past work. my ideas are more and more coming out like I’d imagine them, although I’m no where near the mastery of inking I’m quite content with all that I’ve learned through this year:
Block Shading (Female’s boots)
Cross Hatching (Bench legs)
Wood Texture (Bench and branches)
Denim (Male’s Jeans)
Contour Shading (Female’s leggings)
Jumper Texture (Male’s jumper for a thinner attire and Female’s jumper sleeves for a thicker attire)
Snow Texture (Well, it’s kinda everywhere, more notably the Figure’s shadows, falling Snow, snow around the bench and snow clinging on the branches)
Dry Brushing (Footprints; I wasn’t quite able to utilise this technique, it’s quite limited on A4 and with a round no.4 Sable brush).
Overall, I think I’ve done fairly well to communicate the over head angle and balanced the piece enough to create a natural eye flow from top to bottom.

Here’s to 2014.
(P.S. incase you’re thinking I consumed alcohol after writing that; I can’t drink alcohol anymore since the “Incident of NYE 2013” so I’d go for OJ but I can’t have that either cos it’s so expensive thus I’m sipping on some Tea ~ Classic.)


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