Umbra 07 TN

Umbra Page 07

Just in time for Halloween, I have been working on this piece for quite a long time now.
Although I can’t say it’s completely finished yet but I want to retain this clean version before I do anything I might regret.
Since the few posts of this blog, Umbra Insidator is by far my most interesting work out of what I did back in the days of University; I’ve been really productive with other narratives and improving my styles just so that I can confidently revamp my old work.
Just over a year has pasted since I drew the next page of Umbra and I’m really pleased with my progress since then, I won’t say I’m disappointed with what I did back at Uni because that work became stepping stones to what I can achieve now.

Umbra 07

I think I’m really getting a grasp of drawing backgrounds now, I can’t say it’s my favourite part of the process but it really does give a lot of depth to the piece and I’m glad I chose to draw this tight one-point perspective.There are quite a few achievements I made with this piece:
1) I attempted my first endomorph figure and in all honesty, it was fun drawing with curves and figuring out what strokes to get the endomorph figure right.
2) I have figured my way of drawing Zombies (undead characters), who’d think that by adding texture to figures can make them look so decayed.
3) I’ve found a good balance to use block shading and cross hatching in one piece; I suppose how I do it is, focal subjects are blocked and everything else is hatched (depending on the strength of the light source).

This piece and Lucky You’s Promo Cover have been submitted to the 3rd Greater China Illustration Awards.

That’s all for today, I’ll make another post sometime soon about my life in Hong Kong and hopefully some more work to come.
Merry Halloween!


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