Cover Thumbnail

Lucky You Cover

It’s been far too long since I last made a post.
I guess trying to produce work in Hong Kong without a desk has proven to be quite awkward, silly isn’t it an artist without a desk to lean on, but I have tried to adapt without one.
I’ve finally produce a finished piece that I intend to use as a cover for Lucky You and and an entry piece for the 3rd Greater China Illustration Awards. I don’t know what quality of work I’m actually up against but any chance to enter a competition is always good for exposure.
Along with this piece I’m also submitting another illustration to the competition which I should be able to complete in the next few days (and hopefully ready to submit by the 31st).

Cover Promo

The cover piece is meant to serve as a one illustration summary of the entire story without describing too many details.
by looking at the piece straight away you can see the 2 juxtaposing time of day and story locations (The Village and Forest). The 2 Remis signify the 2 intents of Remi’s character; the top being the desire for harmonic living between the Forest Creatures and the Village neighbours (her desire after the story) and the bottom being able to experience the liberation of being in the forest.
The 2 Rae-Rae’s show the effects between it being in contact with day and night.


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