Screenshot Spread 2

Progress: Lucky You Pages 01 – 04

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on Lucky You, hopefully to get 4 – 5 spreads (8 – 10 pages) done for DIY Cultures.
I wished I progressed with more but I had prior engagements; not really work related but I need a life away from Mega Desk (my workspace; 2 desks, one Digital Orientated and one Craft Orientated), but nonetheless I’m very proud of how Lucky You is turning out!

So far I have 12 spreads planned out, I’ll stop for the time being when it gets to Wednesday so I can begin printing the pages ready for binding.

These pages are done, I won’t be doing any further alterations to them.
Generally, I would like feedback so I can reflect on my work but time is of the essence so I’ll make do with what I’m happy with.

[Plug] I learnt how to Digtial Paint thanks to Monster Cutie; Check out his work and especially his digital painting tutorial video in real time Here


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