Snake Year Collective: #1 HOPE

On an earlier post, I made a tutorial about hand craft Red Envelopes; I never actually stated what was going to be inside them however.
I can casually reveal to you all that the contents are: £6 (£1 coins sitting loosely on a piece of card that reads: 6 – For your success and favorable fortune in business.), a bar of 46g Galaxy Chocolate (to make your year sweet), and a 60mm x 150mm bookmark that has one of 3 illustrations specially drawn for the occasion (functional and promotional).

Now, I wasn’t going to reveal the illustrations until the festival days end but I couldn’t really hold back; So far I’ve only shown a handful of people one of the illustrations so I reckon I might as well just reveal that one.

The piece is titled: HOPE – A Crying World, a sort of extended story to HOPE (I wasn’t lying when I said I had all these narratives planned out in my head, but I do need to write them). You might remember, HOPE is about a soldier who possesses an Exoskeleton that every side of the war wants possession of thus the protagonist is just a one man army, but how did he get his exoskeleton? and what makes it so special?
I’ve deducted the following:
The nameless soldier who eventually becomes HOPE was harbored by a mysterious woman called Fauna who found him injured in the midst of the war. Fauna happens to be the guardian of the mountain Dendrobium; the mountain is sacred and is foretold  that it plays a major role when the Falling Carnival takes place. Fauna herself bare no exoskeleton but can grant the Power of Nurture to others.
(The Power of Nurture: the ability to tend and care for another and eventually evolve; but the power comes at a risk of how well the tending and caring is carried out, if insufficient the participant will never gain an evolved state but will become immune to further casualties for 30 days).
Upon caring for the fallen soldier, she unknowingly used the power of nurture which caused the soldier to evolve into a cocoon state; during the course of several nights then reemerging with an Exoskeleton that is bound to his body turning him into HOPE.

The illustration is more of a concept art, it doesn’t tell any part of the story yet it illuminates key information about the narrative.
This was one of the more enjoyable illustrations I’ve undertaken as I’ve been able to use a delicate inking method for this ridiculously small illustration.

I’ll post the rest up in due time!


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