Joker 10

Narrative: The Joker

My current narrative project focus is a flash fiction (literally 750 words) which consists of 30 illustrations, as the title of the post its called “The Joker.”
The premise of the story is:
A small quiet town in which resides a town joker simply referred as The Joker.
The narrative is a short and bittersweet description about the Joker in the second-person; He begins as a person the townsfolk would regard as strange or bizarre, soon the townsfolk would find him as a sort of entertainment as he would randomly cuss fellow townsfolk or involve townsfolk in his one sided conversations. But then he would make the wrong move to cuss the mayor; it would only take one wrong move to allow the mayor to gather a mob to capture the Joker.
This narrative is written with a more detail presented on the illustrations than the text and is read in a specific manner.

This is the only narrative I’ve written where all of the written elements is complete and the absolute time and focus is spent on the illustrations.
I’m hoping to debut this when it’s completed using a few promotion strategies, one method involving zines fairs and the other a stage. So far all the illustrations have been drafted and I’m ready to create manuscripts and ink them; this will be in my noir style so the process of illustrations will be quicker, use less media and the printing costs will be reduced.
I have a few ideas on how to bind and format the book but I’m going to use 2 methods of binding so I’ll have a small mass reproducible version (Regular) and a special limited run version (First Press Limited) but I’ll get round to that when the time comes.

For now I’ll tease you with one page illustration from “The Joker” (as shown above).


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