Key of Reprisal Greed

Key of Reprisal Greed

This was originally done for The Cheltenham Awards 2012 Brief. The theme was to draw a narrative illustration on the theme of Amulets and Magical Objects, the only limitation was it had to be no larger than 50 x 50cm.This brief was worked on whist also working on Artifexiter and Umbra Insidator for University at the near midst of our deadline (why the tutors thought it was a good idea to add more to our work load is beyond me), regardless I managed to complete this brief despite when the deadline had ended; it didn’t concern me as much that the competition had ended as it was more of test for myself to complete a brief as fast as I could, I did of course complete it in 3 – 4 days which was adequate for my standards.

The overall image was themed on the idea of Paradoxical Art, although it didn’t turn out strictly as one; on the other hand the narrative in itself was Paradoxical.
The story is as follows.
A traveler comes across an ancient and unstable mountain, upon crossing the mountain he came across a peculiar object stuck in the ground. The object appeared to be glowing under the sunlight and the traveler was entranced and began prying it off the ground. But by doing so, the ground beneath capsized and he fell through into the mountain. Upon awakening, he finds himself inside a cave with a singular path, making his way deeper into the cave he comes across a dead end. On the wall was an indent of the object he had pried out, upon aligning the object with the indent; the wall began to shift but it also caused a landslide and the path behind him began to crumble. Making haste, he made his way deeper into the cave but the debris was catching up to him; he comes to a standstill and notices a ray of light above him; it was the exit but it meant he had to climb his way out. After a futile struggle the rubble had claimed him.
Years on, a traveler came across the same mountain; although slightly different. Making his way across the mountain he notices a peculiar object on the ground; the object appeared to be glowing under the sunlight… – Key of Reprisal Greed


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